BAT Kenya’s Lyft nicotine pouch banned

BAT Kenya’s Lyft nicotine pouch banned


BAT Kenya’s Lyft nicotine pouch product faces a ban after Health Secretary Mutahi Kagwe declared it illegal. Although fairly new in the market, BAT Lyft has been a major hit with people seeking nicotine fix and BAT recently revealed plans to expand the business with a new multibillion shilling factory. 


Why the government banned BAT Lyft nicotine pouch

Secretary Kagwe said the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Kenya’s drug products regulator, broke tobacco control laws when it approved the sale of BAT Lyft pouch. Further, Kagwe faulted how BAT Lyft is sold freely, exposing minors to the addictive substance.





What is BAT Lyft?

Lyft is a nicotine pouch consumed through the mouth. Its white and looks like chewing gum. BAT sells Lyft as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking for people with nicotine addiction.


BAT introduced the Lyft nicotine pouch in the Kenyan market in 2019. The company said in June that it was setting up a Ksh2.5 billion plant to produce the Lyft and other smokeless nicotine products for sale across Africa.


Where to buy BAT Lyft

BAT Lyft costs Ksh20 a pouch. It is sold in supermarkets and local shops. People can also buy the product through automatic vending machines. As Lyft nicotine pouch is sold freely, minors can easily access the product and Kagwe says that’s wrong.




How BAT Lyft works

BAT Lyft releases nicotine into the body through the mouth. The pouch is placed in the mouth and inserted between the upper lip and gum from where it releases nicotine into the bloods. BAT Lyft nicotine pouch comes in a variety of flavours.


What are BAT Kenya products?

BAT Kenya primarily makes tobacco cigarettes, which it sells in Kenya and across East Africa. In addition to finished cigarettes, BAT also supplies tobacco to manufacturers in countries like Sudan.


As cigarettes business comes under tight regulations amid efforts to curb smoking diseases, BAT has ventured into producing smokeless nicotine products, and BAT Lyft nicotine pouch is one of its modern products.


What is BAT share price today?

BAT Kenya shares fell 0.69% on Wednesday (October 7) to close at Ksh357.50. BAT shares have traded in the range of Ksh305 – Ksh505 this year. The company made a profit of Ksh3.9 billion in 2019 and paid Ksh33.50 per share dividend.


In the first half of 2020, BAT made a profit of Ksh2.7 billion and said it would pay out dividends amounting to Ksh350 million.

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