Eaagads posts Ksh9.2mn half-year profit

Eaagads posts Ksh9.2mn half-year profit

Eaagads made a profit of Ksh9.2 million in the six months through September 2020. The latest half-year financial statement reveals a significant improvement in the company’s fortunes. Eaagads made a loss of Ksh43 million in a similar period last year.

Eaagads is a coffee company. Its operations involve growing, blending and selling coffee products. The sells its products domestically and overseas. The company’s latest financial statement shows it generated Ksh67 million in revenue in the six months ended September 2020. The revenue rose sharply from Ksh14.9 million in a similar period in 2019.


Eaagads hints pandemic may hit future profit

The Covid-19 pandemic has suppressed coffee demand, resulting in weak coffee prices. Additionally, Eaagads anticipates low coffee harvest in the second-half of the year. The weak coffee prices and low harvest threaten to deal a blow to Eaagads’ second-half profit.


How to buy Eaagads shares

Eaagads shares trade on the Nairobi Securities Exchange under “EGAD” ticker symbol. You will need to open a CDS account to be able to buy and sell Eaagads shares. You can open the account with a stock broker or an investment bank.

Once you set up the CDS account, you can proceed to buy Eaagads shares. Decide the amount of shares you want to purchase and place your order. Remember to provide the broker with the money to buy Eaagads shares for you.

Investors should bear in mind that the minimum number of Eaagads shares you can buy is 100 units. Eaagads share price is currently at Ksh12.70.

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