KCB partners with Kiambu on small business loans

KCB partners with Kiambu on small business loans

KCB Group has launched a special loans programme targeting small businesses in Kiambu county. More than 5,000 businesses in the county are expected to benefit from the programme. The bank aims to offer Ksh1.3 billion in loans under the programme.


KCB and Kiambu seek to offer cheap loans

The Kiambu county administration is investing Ksh138 million into KCB’s special loans fund for the county’s small businesses. The investment will enable KCB to make cheap loans to Kiambu businesses at an interest rate of 7% instead of the standard 13%.

The KCB-Kiambu loan fund is part of the efforts by the bank to help businesses recover quickly from Covid-19 pandemic’s economic shocks.


How can I buy KCB shares?

KCB Group shares trade on the Nairobi Securities Exchange under “KCB” ticker symbol. To able to buy KCB shares, identify a good stockbroker and open a CDS account.

Once you set up the account, decide the amount of KCB shares you want to buy and place your order. Bear in mind that the minimum number of KCB shares you can purchase is 100 units. KCB shares currently trade at Ksh36.90. Remember to provide the broker with the money to purchase the shares for you.

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