List of stockbrokers in Kenya

List of stockbrokers in Kenya

By Nairobi Stocks Review

When you decide to invest in the stock market, you will need two things first: the money to invest and a broker. The broker will manage your CDS account, buying and selling shares on your behalf. If you are shopping for a broker, here is a list you can choose from.

  • Kestrel Capital
  • Genghis Capital
  • KCB Capital
  • Absa Securities
  • Equity Investment Bank
  • Dyer & Blair Investment Bank
  • SBG Securities
  • Kingdom Securities
  • Francis Drummond & Company
  • Ngenye Kariuki & Co.
  • Suntra Investment Bank
  • Old Mutual Securities
  • ABC Capital
  • Sterling Capital
  • AIB-AXYS Africa
  • Faida Investment Bank
  • Standard Investment Bank
  • African Alliance Securities
  • Renaissance Capital
  • NCBA Investment Bank
  • Securities Africa Kenya
  • EFG Hermes Kenya

Finally, bear in mind that all brokers are not same. Therefore, you need to find the right broker. If you are just beginning your stock investing journey or want to change your current broker, here is how to choose the best stockbroker.

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